Hitching Up Tips

 Hitching Up Tips…

Release the handbrake on your trailer if it has one.

Reverse up to and under the tow hitch, so the hitch is directly above the tow bar.

Wind the jockey wheel so the tow hitch drops down onto the tow ball and locks in place. Now wind the jockey wheel down again until the back of the car starts to lift up.

Wind the jockey wheel all the way up and secure it in the travel position – you may have to unclamp it and slide the whole assembly upwards to do this.

Connect the breakaway cable from the caravan or trailer to your towbar.

Connect your trailer’s electric cable to the socket on your towbar, I would advise to test these once connected.

Ensure any load in your trailer or caravan is evenly distributed and secured so it doesn’t move while being towed